christine~ (eppylover) wrote,

Goodbye to another attempt to pay part of a household bill.....

Hey. If anybody noticed, I have recently abolished the Google advertising account from my LJ page. In my naïveté, I was hoping to profit just a little bit with it from people clicking on them, to supposedly supplement my meager pension ~ but apparently nobody gave a f*** (I probably wouldn't have cared, either) ~ so, all the extra ad trash on my page wasn't doing me a bit of good. At a few cents a click, my account was obliged to reach $100.00 before they would send me a check. So, a few cents over the past couple of years was raised (thank you to my one or two clicking flisters), but not a penny paid to me.

Indeed, I personally hate all advertising on the internet (oh, for the good old days when they didn't do that), so it was quite annoying to see and be forced to tolerate my own pimping on my LJ every time I looked, and realize the ads were messing up my page for nothing. So, goodbye to all that!

In everyone's defense, I know that some of you were unaware that you could help me out so easily, because I wasn't permitted to inform or remind you ~ yes, unfortunately, the rules state that I was not, under any circumstances, allowed to tell people the ads were there to help ME ~ and, if the Google boss found (in one of their constant rounds of surveillance) that I had posted a request for people to click on them, Google would terminate my ad account immediately.

Also, some of y'all are probably very shy of clicking on ads anyway, for fear of ~ oh, I dunno ~ adware or spyware or viruses? ~even though you are more likely to get hit by those blue cyber-meanies via social networking sites rather than Google's type of ads. Ah well.

Those of you without a paid or plus LJ will still see ads, but please be advised I don't get diddly¢ anymore if you click on them. Thank you.

Hahaa. So much for that wonderful idea ~ and now, onward and upward to other things. *shrugs*

Tags: advertising, flisters, livejournal, my life

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