christine~ (eppylover) wrote,

First "White Christmas" in High Point, NC history!

WOW ~~
on the news this morning they are showing New York, Philadelphia, New Jersey, Massachusetts, etc. etc. totally inundated with SNOW, to the point where anybody with any brains is staying home.

They're showing New Yorkers all bundled-up and WALKING to work!
Calling it "getting back to their roots"..!
"Walking"..? What's that?

I lived for ten years in High Point, NC (about half-way between Greensboro and Winston-Salem), and we only saw snow probably 3-4 days out of that entire 10 years. It always came in January. However, this morning they said they had the FIRST white Christmas in history!

Check out the stories for:
High Point ~~ Greensboro ~~ Winston-Salem

For now, all this white-shite has missed Mishugan.
Let's hope it stays that way.
.....Fat chance, though. *shivers*

Tags: holidays, my life, news, tv

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