christine~ (eppylover) wrote,

Grade II Protected status: Now the government cannot mess with it!

Consider this a nice present from Father Christmas John Penrose:

Since the connection with the Abbey Road zebra crossing only came about after Brian was dead and buried, and is only relevant to post-Eppy Beatledom, it doesn't really matter to me (as the great Freddie Mercury sang).....

..... however, I'm happy for the fans who care about it.     *a shrug and a smile*

The real reason I think this governmental listing decision is important is that it proves to be yet another vindication for Our Brian, who had insisted to a mocking press that his Boys would still be famous 50 years from when he made that statement. And they are. They are.

Now, before THEY die, it's the Twotles' turn to make sure Brian achieves the same fame status.
Because he so totally deserves it, and they so totally have OWED him ~ for the past 50 years, in fact.

Tags: beatles, london, news

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