christine~ (eppylover) wrote,

It's STINE according to Ed Rudy......

Very quickly, I must inform y'all that Ed Rudy, who travelled with Brian and the Boys during their 1964 tour, told me on our Induct Brian Facebook page that one of Brian's usual shpiels to Americans was to advise them that his surname "rhymed with 'wine'..."

So it was "Ep-STINE" rather than "Ep-STEEN" according to his first-person account!

You can see how it's going if you go to

Unfortunately, to see the page, you might be required to sign up for Facebook if you haven't already. I personally think that's bullcrap, but that's the way the Zuckerberg rolls.

Toodles! :)
Tags: brian epstein, brian people, interviews, tours

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