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Just in case you're wondering where I was ~

Instead of the usual automatic re-post of my LiveJournal posts to Facebook, this time I am copying/pasting late last night's FB post here on LJ: Lolcat skwished yer virus!

Laptop was devastated by a virus, so I took all day to recover/reinstall win xp, IE8 and the most recent Google toolbar.

Now I'm only partially done with re-setting things on Lappy, not to mention the bucketloads of "updates" MS keeps making me download and install. *groan* The stress made me eat like crazy all day, so... to top it all off I'm sickish from all the junk in my tummy.


Made sure this time I removed that damn McAfee FIRST THING (it was difficult to do completely, and there are still vestiges of it here & there), and now I've got Avast Antivirus protecting me.

Right after doing my best at wiping out McAfee, I also took extra pains to obliterate every trace of any AOL schmutz before going on to anything else.

I hope I'm back for now.


Saddest part was I lost about 30 or so texts in a folder written on Notepad files for reference, posts and comments, etc. ~ and I couldn't even attach them to emails for future retrieval without Gmail warning that the attachments were infected! Gah. Feels just like big chunks of my brain getting flushed down the loo.

Only for this LJ post and not for Facebook:

On the home front, we are up for the yearly lease renewal on this apartment. This year will be very different from the past two since leaving the house. This month, we will have to have a big meeting with the apartment management office.

Since I now get income from my own retirement pension (enough to pay the present rent and electric bill and a little extra), my sister will be removed as leaseholder and my application will hopefully be accepted by apartment management. Then, this place will be mine, all mine. :)

The only problem may be that, by creating a brand new lease in my own name and under my own credit history, the rent may go up in dollars. We hope that won't happen!


Okay, now it's time once again to TRY and strangle my daughter away from the TV and pc ~ I've been nagging her for two days to put away the clean dishes and to separate & put her dirty clothes in the basket for washing. Wish me luck! Being bossy is not in my nature ~ when it comes to chores ~ I am bossy about being personally disrespected ~ and she knows it and doesn't shrink from taking advantage of it.
She also has been taught (by me) never to succumb to anyone's guilt trips, unless there's a redeeming inherent value. LOL It's my own fault I can't do the stereotypical Jewish mother act with her! :)

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