christine~ (eppylover) wrote,

If they fudge about something this simple, would you trust their cruises?

Upon reading one of my Google Email Alerts vanity searches for term "eppylover," I found something a bit confusing today.

Evidentally Carnival Cruises is digging deep in archives for kudos for what is actually a very awesome group called Girlyman ~

~ however, I was a bit put off by their quote of a comment attributed to me, which they claim I did on ~ quote ~ "October 11, 2010 at 8:15pm" and that I had made the remark in reponse to their upcoming cruise “Girlyman: Packing for Cayamo (and You)” ~

Problem is, I don't even remember making the comment, which consisted of:
"OMG I just discovered you guys! Where have you been all my 58 years of life?!"
One clue that the time and date is misrepresented: I will be 60 in March!
Obviously, unless my mind is in much worse shape than I thought, I did not make this comment ~ or any comment to them ~ yesterday in response to their upcoming Cayamo cruise.

BUSTED, Carnival Cruises! Your pants are on fire!

Tags: business, humor, my life, wtf

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