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Small update then to bed.

Not much internettin' lately, as you can see. :-)
Maybe that can be construed as a good thing ~ meaning that maybe I am, instead, doing something productive. It's anybody's guess at this point.

As is my usual behavior, the account of our UK trip will most likely come in spurts and random stories over an as-yet-undetermined period of time. That's how the eppylover rolls, and we must all deal with it.


Funny thingy ~ Dr Mehmet Oz did a show on "amazing youth" ~ one of the suggestions was to eat salmon and watercress (not exclusively, but once per day for one of your meals) for three days, and supposedly you will notice a transformation. LOL

Since I love salmon, and both salmon and watercress are good for you, that's what we're doing for three days. Why not?

But for now... Jeeez, I am tired. G'nite.

Tags: health, my life, personal, trip

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