christine~ (eppylover) wrote,

Latest Niece Update

From my sister on FB:
I talked with the doctor and he said gall stones are a major cause of pancreatitis (it's not acute or chronic). There was a 5% chance she would get it and guess who's lucky? She should buy a lottery ticket.

He also said the tube they put a stent in was completely blocked and released bile into her system which probably also contributed to the infection.

She did eat a piece of toast but they have now taken her off solid foods so she can rest her pancreas (he actually said that). She can't come home until her enzyme and white blood cell counts are normal and the pain is controlled.
So basically, seeing as her pancreatitis is a run-of-the-mill infection of the pancreas and hers is not of the ongoing (chronic) type nor the acute (life-threatening) type, once it clears up it shouldn't reoccur under normal circumstances.

Your good wishes are indeed appreciated.
Thank you all! :)

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