christine~ (eppylover) wrote,

What Goes On in my mouth, update #3

After 4 days, I finally can eat some stuff that doesn't have lumps now.

Thank goodness for ranitidine! When I was finally able to keep down water, I popped one of them puppies and it helped me keep a little bit of soaked saltine cracker down. After 4 days, I am finally able to eat some pureed green pea soup. Mmmmm. Things that tasted nasty the past three days actually taste good now. Still gotta be careful, yo.

What is ranitidine? I hear you wondering. Most of you brand-name-indoctrinated shlubs know it as "Zantac" ~ but I never buy a brand name unless it's on sale cheaper than the generic version.

And, with my predilection toward bad reactions to so many meds, I never pay attention to the commercialized wording on the front labels of ANY meds ~ dang, everybody seems to do that, and I think it's stupid beyond comprehension! Don't y'all understand, or are you too lazy? The front of the package is sneaky! Ad agencies word packages very carefully and are only as honest as they can get away with legally ~ boxes only tell you what the companies want you to think to sell their product!

I go straight to the small-print "active ingredients" on the back of the container, and pay attention to the chemical makeup of the med and its potency (milligrams, whatever). When I'm prescribed a med that I'm unfamiliar with, I always google the names of the ingredients online, and keep notes on what they are. Nothing goes in this mouth without me knowing EXACTLY what it is and what it can do, and its contraindications; i.e., what other drugs, including herbal remedies and foods, etc. might be bad to ingest when using it.

Well, this little bit of internet has worn me down. I've been sleeping in little 1- or 2-hour spurts with moaning and kvetching in-between. Sure hope that's all over with. My last spurt was 5 hours, yay!

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