christine~ (eppylover) wrote,

What Goes On in my mouth, update #2

Allergic reaction to the valium. You don't want to read the rest.

Last-minute throwing-up spell made me late to the post-op dental appt. Thank goodness their office is close by; kitty-corner off the nearest main street from our apt complex, a very easy drive. Sooo very light-headed, I was almost walking like as a drunk, and Stephy helped guide me. LOL it was kind of scary driving in that condition!

Once at the dentist, 15 minutes late, I had to wait because they had another patient take my timeslot. During my wait I had to run to their restroom twice to puke. Because I hadn't eaten anything since Wed morning, understandably there wasn't much coming up (except mucus from my sinus condition, mixed with blood from the extraction sites).

Yeah, you wanted to hear that. LOL

Dentist took me OFF the valium and prescribed darvocet. I couldn't fill the prescription, though, because it was hard enough driving across the street, much less way over to the store! So I'm getting by with acetaminaphen (generic tylenol).

On the positive side, my clots are looking good. I don't dare drink coffee yet. Maybe a little bit tomorrow, not very hot. Surprised I don't have a caffeine-withdrawal headache on top of everything else.

I do not want to clip those partial dentures back into my mouth until the tenderness goes away. The dentist wants me to, but it's MY mouth, dammit. ;P

Strained off the broth from a can of chicken noodle soup and had that for dinner. Stephy ate the noodles & chicken & veggies from it. I didn't really want to eat even the broth, but it made me feel a little better.

Tags: my life, personal

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