christine~ (eppylover) wrote,

What Goes On in my mouth, update

Back home from dentist.

While Stephy watched with much interest, 3 teeth were extracted and they have already installed the partial dentures to help hold the clots from coming out. They feel stupid, really NOT like they belong in my mouth, really funky. I hate them already, even though I haven't tried them out ~ I won't even be able to eat with them for several days.

Will take my first vicodin at my next gauze change (every half hour)~ I can already tell it's gonna be hurting pretty bad. They did a shitload of numbing shots. Injection sites tend to sometimes bother me as much or more than the actual work.

Gotta go back for my post-operative tomorrow.
Gonna try to get as much rest as possible tonight.

Tags: my life, personal

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