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Charlie Lennon

John had always been on good terms with his father's brother, Uncle Charlie. There's a write-up about him on the Scott Wheeler website that I thought might be of interest. Here's an excerpt:

Wherever he goes, Charlie is routinely greeted by fans and besieged for autographs. True to the Lennon tradition, he is a true charmer with a kind word for every friend and fan - along with generous doses of the mischievous Lennon wit.

Although it's been more than 30 years since Charlie last saw John, his thoughts are never far from his murdered nephew, whether awake or asleep-as he discovered anew back in 1990 while recovering in hospital from multiple injuries after being struck by a speeding bus while crossing the street. According to Charlie, while he lingered in a coma for several days and the hospital staff struggled to revive him, he had an unexpected face-to-face meeting with John somewhere beyond the pale.

"I was arguing with our John, as usual," Charlie recalled. "I think that's what brought me 'round, arguing with bloody John Lennon. He said, 'What the bloody hell are you doin' up here?' He was disgusted. I told him, 'Well, John, I've only just come to see you.' His idea was that I had no right to be there. There was a concert on at the Pier Head, and that was where I was supposed to be...representing him, as usual."

Read the entire story at Travels with Charlie: by Scott Wheeler

All material copyright 1997 Wheeler Communications

Uncle Charlie died in Liverpool on May 26, 2002 at the age of 83. Read the BBC Obit

For those of us who live to read long dissertations, John Lennon's family history, in much greater detail, is on Bill Harry's Mersey Beat site. Many things I never knew have been revealed to me there. I'll admit Bill's website is quite difficult to fumble through, but if you make the effort and click around a lot you do end up discovering some amazing things.

Just keep in mind that Bill does tend to be somewhat biased against our Brian Epstein, even to the point of contradicting some facts and, I feel, fabricating others (not that Brian, bless him, didn't also fudge "a little" at times for the benefit of his boys and himself). So, read any stuff Bill Harry says against Brian with a shaker of salt and a forgiving heart, because Bill Harry was one of the people that Brian felt somewhat professionally threatened by in the early days, and Bill feels he and his wife were not treated perhaps as nicely as they should have been treated. He does say, however, that Brian was always friendly and great to them -- when not dealing in a business mode.

I can see Brian's side of it, though. Anyone and anything perceived as jumping on the Beatles bandwagon for their own publicity or profit was an obstacle to his dream for the Beatles, and was dealt with firmly. If Brian had been wishy-washy, you know darn well that we wouldn't be here today talking about his boys!


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