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Jude Law / Brian Epstein - Just a Few More Here

After this is posted, my daughter is going to hog the computer. Sigh!

(4 September, 2003, AM) SOURCE: EVENING STANDARD While Sadie Frost has been frolicking in the sun with her new lover, Jude Law has been getting busy with an older woman: the legendary Cilla Black. Their steamy encounter has even made it onto Cilla's new album. The raunchy song entitled I Wanna Kiss You All Over, features Jude heavy breathing sweet nothings to Cilla. However, before you get too hot under the collar, the sample was recorded on an answerphone rather than in person. The pair struck up their unlikely friendship while Jude was researching the life of Brian Epstein who managed Cilla and The Beatles. "He's a lovely young man," said the ex-Blind Date presenter.
Cilla Black reveals soft spot for Jude Law

Cilla Black says she was left starstruck when Jude Law recently invited her out for dinner.
The TV presenter says she found the actor gorgeous, gentle and very reverent.
And she admits that she liked him so much she kept his message on her answering machine.
Cilla met with Jude because he is interested in making a film about her old manager Brian Epstein.
She told Heat magazine: "We went out for dinner. And he's such a sweet sweet guy. Gorgeous, gentle and very reverent. Super, super guy.
"I kept his message on my answering machine with his lovely voice going: "Hi Cilla! it's Jude!"
Cilla wants Nicole Kidman to play her in a new Jude Law movie about Beatles' boss Brian Epstein.
She said: "I saw her in The Hours with that terrible false nose. If she can act so well like that, she can certainly do me before I had a nose job!"
From 2001: Law has spent more than five years researching Epstein's life story.  He has already snapped up letters and journals belonging to the pop impresario at an auction in preparation for the role.  He is also helping to write the screenplay for the as yet untitled film.
Friends say Law has been fascinated for several years with the part Epstein played in creating the Beatles' success.
Law, star of The Talented Mr Ripley and Enemy at the Gates, has been planning the film for some time but delayed the project until he felt old enough to portray Epstein, who also managed Gerry and the Pacemakers and Cilla Black.
Both Law and Epstein came from prosperous, middle-class families that allowed them an early entree into their careers. Law's parents ran a theatre company and did not object when he left school at 16 to join a BBC soap opera called Friends.
This will be the first film devoted to Epstein's life, although Law has played him before. He did the voice-overs, reading from Epstein's journals, for a BBC2 Arena documentary in 1999.
Law is working on the film project with Todd Graff, a Hollywood actor turned screen writer and director.  Graff said: "It's a darker, more unconventional biopic. It's not a Beatles movie, although they are in the background. It's Brian's story."
Quote from Todd Graff in site:
Q: "...Can I ask you about the film you’re making on Brian Epstein?"
A: "The Epstein movie is called Tomorrow Never Knows and Jude Law, who plays Brian, is also one of the producers. It’s a biopic of Epstein but it’s not a Beatles movie, though they are in it. As are all the people from his personal life and his family, but it’s not a classic biopic. If there’s any kind of template for it then it’s probably All That Jazz – it’s really impressionistic. A lot takes place in Brian’s head and there are these big, bizarre musical numbers that Jude will do. It’s got a lot of really dark stuff, a lot of graphic sexuality."
I think this quote comes from more than a year ago ... I don't know if Graff is still with the picture and if this scenario still holds. -ch


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