christine~ (eppylover) wrote,

What Goes On In My Mouth

Dentist appointment today.

They did a deep-root cleaning and took more impressions for my upcoming partial dentures.

They let Stephy sit and watch. She laughed big time when I goofed with the water-sucker thingy and gave myself a bath ~ twice.

Next Thursday they extract 3 molars (2 top left and 1 bottom right).
Extractions freak me out worse than root canals.
It's the recovery period that frightens me.

Damn Og. He didn't want HIS money to be wasted on his wife's proper care.
My good aesthetic dentist "drove the wrong car," whatever that means.
So he cancelled my CareCredit in 2008, right in the middle of the procedure.

Everything got left undone until I finally received my tax refund a couple of months ago, and was finally able to go to a cheaper place ~ by then, though, everything had deteriorated too far, and the old work couldn't be saved.

Therefore, partial dentures.
The old lady's gonna have to put her choppers in a bedside cup every night.

Tags: my life, videos

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