christine~ (eppylover) wrote,

Brian's naughty little misbehaving children are BUSTed

Brian Epstein proudly stands beside the Beatle busts tower


"While in Paris, the band’s record company asked them to record I Want To Hold Your Hand in German and meet some German executives, something Epstein sensed could be trouble. He took me to one side.

‘David, for God’s sake, please get them to behave!’

I agreed and The Beatles assured me all would be well. And so it was until they walked down a corridor behind the Germans – and all four of them did the goose-step and chanted Sieg Heil. The Germans were not amused."

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Cynthia Lennon with the David Wynne Beatlebust tower Cyn Lennon with David Wynne's Beatlebust tower

David Wynne & Brian Epstein with Beatle busts

David Wynne Beatlebust tower in Japan Brian Epstein with David Wynne Beatlebust tower-text

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