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Skip this post if you don't like gross morbid thinking!

Perhaps you haven't seen "him" in recent years...

I wouldn't post these here to show up directly. This creep just reeks evil.

... 1998 ... 2003 ...
For people like me who (on rare occasions) just HAVE to peek at murder scenes, autopsies, and myself in the mirror.

I even live directly across the street from the old city cemetery.
Y'know, I should embrace goth or something ... but then I would feel like I'm following a crowd, and that offends me. Besides, what kind of gothie would be 50-something and grooving on Yellow Submarine, Eddie Izzard, Family Guy, and Mr. Yellow M&M?

Oh, I know ... I could always be a parody/satire/spoof of a goth! Yes. That would be fun.

--- </p>

I "sort of" follow the Beatles crowd, but I'm really following Brian Epstein. Someday Brian may attract a more sizable crowd (one can only hope ... if anybody deserves adulation/adoration, he does), but I still won't be following his crowd ... I'd be at the head of it ... after all, I've got seniority ... it's only been going on 38 years!!!

#1 Eppy Lover.


And, in keeping with the gothic/morbid theme, my Ann Rice-loving niece might ask:
"I wonder what he looks like NOW, after 37 years underground?"
...Well, they dug up Abe Lincoln a few years back, and he was perfectly preserved, albeit covered with a light misty white mold...bwa-ha-ha-haaa.

However, much depends upon climate. The Jolly Olde weather sucks. And I don't think Orthodox Jews in England embalm or use any type of preservation. So I suppose we'd be looking at bones with some shreds of whatever they buried him in.

No, thank you. No souvenirs. I could never be THAT goth!!!

...well, um, maybe a small finger bone...

...bwa - ha - ... ... eeuuwwww ...


Actually, 50 years after I'm dead, I hope somebody will have a sense of humor
(sense of humous? post-humous?)
about my "remains."

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