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Brian accepts the 1965 Edison Award

A bit of printed matter relating to Brian Epstein winning the 1965 "Edison Award" ~ the major music award in the Netherlands ~ on behalf of who else, once again, not for himself his boys for their LP, 'Beatles For Sale' ...

Found while doing a quick
random search for terms
"brian epstein" and "duys"

This was printed in a 1965
issue of Billboard Magazine


Brian Epstein  on Page 6 Oct 16, 1965 Billboard magazine

The front cover of that October 16, 1965 Billboard Magazine:
Cover of Oct 16, 1965 Billboard magazine

Entire magazine found [ HERE ] on Google Book Search

This was actually the thing I was looking for:

(Click to go to the original webpage, which is ~in Dutch~ a tribute to a radio and
television personality popular for many years in the Netherlands, William Duys)

Article mentioning rare interview by Michael Duys (in Dutch)

Photo from the Duys interview of Brian Epstein

Okay, now, any help with translation would be appreciated. :)

The "auto-translate" web tools just don't do it right.
Most of them translate it to read just the opposite of what it really should say, that it was actually very, very difficult to obtain an interview from Brian (before the end of touring, anyway).

Here's what most of the the auto-translations say, more or less:
"Succeeded even sang the "fifth" Beatle Brian Epstein to the Netherlands. Epstein still known as the guy who absolutely had to give interviews."
The "absolutely had to" part seems to be a mistranslation by some engines such as Google ~ for example, Yahoo's AltaVista translator gives it as
"Epstein nevertheless confessed as a man who was absolutely against giving interview."

Tags: awards, beatles, brian epstein, interviews

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