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Sometimes I feel that EVERYBODY is wrong, so I shan't personally opine on this one

Remember the plea in 1991 by Rodney King ~ "Why can't we all just get along?"

On the latest Gaza hubub, NY Times op-ed columnist Nicholas D. Kristof posts on his Facebook wall:
My column today that Israel is slipping into a dynamic of self-defeating behavior of which the assault on the Gaza flotilla was emblematic. Israel has largely given up on world opinion and lashes out with short-term security moves, even when they undermine central strategic objectives (a non-nuclear Iran, a Middle East peace).

Read the column!
- Saving Israel From Itself - -

President Obama needs to find his voice and push hard for an end to the Gaza blockade.

A commenter to that FB post gives her opinion:
People who have replied to this post with ideas about sitting down and trying to come to an agreement probably come from a Western background. One learns that reason, the will to compromise and make sacrifices help to bring about peace. This is not how it works in many parts of the world. A thought for the day - over 400 people were killed by their governments within the last few weeks - Bangkok for instance. People were fighting against their oppressive governments. You have seen the Iranians attempts to protest peacefully after their elections and what it got them.

My feeling is that the Westerners who came on board the flotilla were thinking in the terms of peaceful resistance in the Ghandian mode. I do not think they expected to find so many people from other countries who were equipped with hatchets, knives, iron bars and, of course, scarves to cover their faces. The Israeli navy did not expect this either.

The Israeli navy did not expect violence. I will not repeat how they asked the ships to stop, send cargo via land, etc.
The Gaza blockade has not worked - we all know this. But what will work? Iran is supplying the Hamas and Hizbullah with weapons and money. How do you get things going - send ideas. The Arab West Bank is undergoing a terrific economic expansion, life is getting easier and there are positive thoughts toward the future.

Did Israel screw up, yet again? Of course, the army and the government held back the videos for several hours so no one saw what was going on. My personal thought is that there should have been live coverage on tv of the soldiers going down on the ropes to the ship.

And most of all remember - why is this conflict the one that everyone thinks about first - there are over 60 of them going on in the world. Thousands of people are dying every day and do not get any monetary support from the world. For good or bad the Palestinians have been receiving a lot of monetary support during the last 62 years. Could it be that this aid has not really helped them to achieve what they could have? Second thought is to remember that if their foes were not Jews no one would care.

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