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I'm still a child of the 60's ~ and I'm still disgusted :(

Universal Soldier in Depth
Words and music Buffy Sainte-Marie (early 1960's)
Copyright Caleb Music

He's five foot two and he's six foot four
    These were the height parameters for soldiers in 1961

He fights with missiles and with spears
    In both the future and the past, soldiers are soldiers: only the equipment varies

He's all of 31 and he's only 17
    Age parameters during the 1960s

He's been a soldier for a thousand years
    This is not some new high tech phenomenon

He's a Catholic, a Hindu, an atheist a Jain,
A Buddhist, and a Baptist and a Jew

    Soldiers are found even among people who are “religious” and are not confined to just one religion

And he knows he shouldn't kill and he knows he always will
    Even though his religion forbids it, he chooses to be a killer

Kill you for me, my friend, and me for you
    Whichever side he’s on, it’s still absurd

He's fighting for Canada. He's fighting for France. He's fighting for the USA
and he's fighting for the Russians and he's fighting for Japan

    He’s not just from some far away enemy country but from “our” country too

And he thinks he'll put an end to war this way
    He hasn’t thought it through from a logical, long range point of view

He's fighting for democracy, he's fighting for the Reds
    He’s on “our side” as well as “their side”

He's says it’s for the peace of all
    He’s believes in the absurdity of violence as an act of peace

He's the one who must decide who's to live and who's to die
    He has a responsibility he’s been trained to overlook

And he never sees the writing on the wall
    He learns nothing from history so can’t predict obvious outcomes of repeating it

But without him how would Hitler have condemned him at Dachau
    Human beings allow other human beings to commit genocide

Without him Caesar would have stood alone.
    We can't blame just the leaders

He's the one who gives his body as a weapon to a war
    Each individual has a choice

And without him all this killing can't go on
    No individual soldiers = no war

He's the universal soldier and he is really is to blame
    Some responsibility is upon each soldier

But his orders come from far away no more
    The Nazis claimed they were innocent because their orders came from” far away” superiors but that’s not true here and now in our modern democracies

They come from him and you and me
    We are each responsible – civilians, mothers and sweethearts – so long as we tolerate it

and Brothers, can't you see this is not the way to put an end to war?
    This last line is put not as scolding someone else but as a question to someone you love. Note that the music ends on an unresolved chord.

    ~ Buffy Sainte-Marie

(Brian felt the same way about war)

Tags: politics

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