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A li'l bit about Brian's "daughter" Cilla

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Cilla Black was Brian's only female in his "stable" of boys. She is a Liverpudlian that everyone in England is very familiar with, having had several long-running TV series there since the mid-60's, continuing to this day. When Brian was found dead, one of the items found on his bed with him was the packet of final documents signing her up for her first TV series, "Cilla." She believes that the last thing he was thinking of before he died was her welfare. Since he had all but given up his dream of ever having children, she was the closest thing to a daughter he had.

At, click on "biography" at the top to get her full story. Here are a couple of excerpts and pictures:

From ~
...It wasn't long until Cilla came to the attention of Brian Epstein, a local talent scout and manager of The Beatles. Epstein was introduced to her by none other than John Lennon, who persuaded him to arrange an audition at The Majestic Ballroom in Birkenhead. Unfortunately, the combination of nerves and singing to The Beatles, who played in their key, made the audition a flop. No matter, all was not lost, as to her surprise she was later spotted by Epstein while singing "Bye, Bye Blackbird" in the jazzy surroundings of the Blue Angel club. This performance finally convinced him to sign her, so on the 6th September 1963, she became his only female vocalist!

There was an immediate bond between Cilla and Epstein. From the moment he met his starlet he wanted to nurture the 'Judy Garland' qualities he believed she possessed, having high aspirations of creating a British icon who, in his prophetic words, would be " of the biggest stars in this country for thirty or forty years". His faith, combined with Cilla's talent, effortlessly convinced George Martin, the renowned producer of Matt Monro, Shirley Bassey and The Beatles, that she was worthy of signing to Parlophone Records (a subsidiary label of the EMI Group).

By August 1967, only days before his premature death, Epstein had engineered Cilla's switch to television. It proved to be a shrewd move as, through her own variety show for the BBC, she regularly commanded a staggering audience of 22 million. This popularity, as many people will know, has continued over subsequent decades, with countless shows, industry awards and record breaking viewing figures to her name.

Here's Ringo and Cilla Black!


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