christine~ (eppylover) wrote,

ShabShmoo ~ Fwom A Wwighter's PerspWextive

One of the world's shortest questionnaires, as answered by Michael Wex, author of Born To Kvetch and
How to Be a Mentsh (and Not a Shmuck)

What’s your favorite quotation?
“Are you coming out of that bathroom sometime today?” (My father)

What’s the best single piece of advice about writing that you’ve ever gotten?
Get a big wastebasket and don’t be afraid to use it (I read this in an interview with Isaac Bashevis Singer).

What would you say are the best and worst aspects of the job?
The best aspect is being able to spend all day writing; the worst, the fact that you have to spend all day writing—it’s rewarding, but it’s never easy.

What would you be doing if you weren’t a writer?
Teaching English literature or working in comedy clubs (both of which I used to do).

And this was, in its entirety, Michael Wex's author questionnaire that he completed for the Jewish Book Council

Tags: shabbat shmooze

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