christine~ (eppylover) wrote,

Banjo George

(An interesting little reminiscence of George)

by Dennis Taylor 

George Harrison MBE

I met George Harrison when he attended a George Formby Society Convention in the Winter Gardens, Blackpool, March 1991. He was a charming man accompanied by his lovely wife, Olivia and son, Dhani. He had also brought along a friend, Jimmy Nail.

There was no high security and he realised that, as a famous Beatle, he would be inundated with requests for autographs which he signed quite freely.

His main interests were in the various instruments and the ability of the players. His son, Dhani was quite a proficient Banjo Uke player already and quickly made friends with some of our younger members singing George Formby songs together and belting out the uke solos.

They attended all the sessions, with George, Jimmy and Dhani joining the members on stage at the end of the Saturday night concert for the traditional 'Thrash' when as many players as possible get up on stage and sing half a dozen shortened versions of the Formby songs to complete the evening's entertainment.

On Sunday evening, George surprised everyone by getting up on the stage and after giving a short introduction proceeded to play 'In My Little Snapshot Album' which finishes with a fairly difficult solo on the Banjo Uke. He admitted that he was only just learning to play and because the song had so many verses, he asked the audience to help him with the words if he forgot them. And he did! But everyone loved his performance. I am sure he was just as proud of his efforts as when he played along with the Beatles to their fabulous hits.

Hear George play ....
(in Realplayer format)


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