christine~ (eppylover) wrote,

My preferred virtual self is unacceptable.

One of the new googly-ads on my LJ looked interesting, but when I put the url into my browser and looked at the site (we're not allowed to click on our own ads, of course), I headdesked! Damn, not another one of these pathetic things!

Y'know, my overwhelming gripe with virtual community sites such as,, etc. and creating "virtual selves" to play with online ~ is that they give you NO CHOICE except those "perfect" bodies with the small waists and all. They are totally telling us that our normal shapes are something to be ashamed of.

See, a few years ago I was interested in making a virtual self for fun ~ until I discovered my own (what I call "comfortable") shape was not even available. You cannot imagine how insulted I was.

I refuse to turn myself into a pseudo-Barbie. I love myself, flaws and all, and cannot imagine lowering myself to become Britney-esque, one of the cattle herd, one of the non-unique stargirl-types, one of THEM.

Eff 'em!

And besides... what kind of example are sites like this setting for our kids? That you're not acceptable unless you've got a perfect figure? They insinuate that what's inside you isn't even *considered* unless your outside body is okay by fashion mafia standards. No wonder kids are getting more screwed-up all the time, becoming prone to depression at earlier and earlier ages.

These sites should give you the option ~ hell, encourage you to ~ shape your body the same way they let you shape your face and all. The ability to do this would not be all that big a deal, program-wise. But no. We must be Borg and assimilate. These latest generations have been so effing brainwashed by these fake "beauty" standards that they'd be scared of playing in such a site anyway, one that shows honest versions of virtual life.


I'm getting way too tired and crabby now. Hahaa! G'night!

Tags: rant

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