christine~ (eppylover) wrote,

Stephy's Mother The Car (-Phobic)

As promised, here is a condensed rundown of what happened on Fri the 13th that shut down my mental facilities/faculties for most of the weekend (as posted on my Facebook):
I'm driving-phobic and night-blind.

On the way to a family birthday party, AT NIGHT, in heavy traffic, car acted like it was totally dying, making VERY loud noises and hesitations, etc.

Lost my way down unfamiliar side streets a couple of times, freaking out all the way.
Other drivers kept getting pissed off at me because I kept doing the wrong things.

Finally made it there. Heart thumping, head busting, hands shaking, I adamantly refused to drive the effer home.

Sister saved my butt (as always) by driving us home and dropping car off at auto shop.

They called this morning and gave me a manageable estimate for repair.*sigh of relief*
But now they say brakes need work (but they don't do brakes). *groan*

eppylover = epic fail. As always. Blah.
Tags: personal

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