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Someone else's auction: "BEATLES Transcript Documents Lennon Ringo Epstein Apple"

"Collection of unpublished interviews draft material &c"


Most of this Beatles material for sale is post-Brian rubbish, which, as you know if you know me, I could do without. ;P

But ~ I would KILL to have copies of the pages under Part C~ numbers 2, 3, and 6.

See it while it's still up HERE
...or HERE, until Nov 16...

Seller info : si-qe
Item number: 300364484056
Item location: Dover, Kent, United Kingdom


On Offer is a collection of various documents relating to an unpublished book that a career journalist proposed writing in 1971, about The Beatles from around the time of Brian Epstein's death, through the chaos of Apple, and on to their break-up.

The book was never published but as the draft chapters, transcripts of taped interviews and many documents show, he set about the project with a real journalist's instinct - ferreting out information from many different sources and contacts that he had. There is so much background information from "people in the know" about what went on, with amazing stories of fortunes made and lost. The Beatles were not safe from some very manipulative, unscrupulous people in the industry.

Draft chapter 2 has a mind-boggling account of a merchandising operation in the States, where the offer was a million dollars and six Ferraris to a man with not even the £20,000 needed as a stake. That offer was turned down!!! SELTAEB was set up - but that's another story.

There is an interesting typed manuscript of a taped interview with Ringo, and copies of letters to John and Paul about the proposed book.

Several of the taped interviews and other paperwork refer to Apple's extraordinary story - everything from the I Ching man to visiting Hell's Angels - they stayed for months! There is a letter to The Beatles from an accountant when he was leaving the Apple Corporation. You sense his sound advice is facing a huge tide of indifference but he wishes them eventual success in getting the millions due to them. They, of course, thought him really boring.

Eleven transcripts of the Court Action that Paul took out against the other three and Apple, make fascinating reading.


(When looking at the pictures you will notice I have placed lettered post-it stickers on different piles as a guide.)

A — Rough outline of chapters in longhand of book on The Beatles by John Fielding. (3 sides)

B — Typed list of telephone numbers needed regularly on a piece of folder - Lennon's, Paul McCartney's, Nems, Rolling Stones, Immediate Records, etc, etc. (Picture 4)

C — Typed transcripts of taped interviews (which contain some bad language, by the way)

1. Ringo 3.2.72 (25 pages) (See Pictures 5-7)

2. Joanne Peterson, who worked for Brian Epstein. Fascinating account of the sad death of Epstein, and a lot of interesting information on the background to his life and lots of background to The Beatles and their wives/girlfriends. A very, very interesting interview! (33 pages)

3. Nat Weiss, at his apartment. (3 pages)

4. Peter Brown. (31 pages)

5. Ronan O'Reilly - did 'Girl On A Motorcycle'. He was very close to The Beatles during the 'White Album' - he could see things falling apart. (10 pages)

6. Alistair Taylor. Fascinating information about the mad, mad time at Apple. (8 pages)

7. David Haynes on Nicky Byrne. Tales of quite a character. (4 pages + copy)

8. John Eastman's 1968-69 diary - typed transcript. (5 pages + copy)

9. MGM lawyer. MGM financed Klein - " We had millions of dollar signs floating before our eyes". A mention of The Beatles; in 1969 Klein told MGM he'd deliver all four Beatles, however, the group had already disbanded and Paul would have nothing to do with Klein.

12. Alan Klein, New York 9th May 1972. (39 pages)


10. Nicky Byrne - bankruptcy details.

11. Daniel Buckley Ents. April 26th. Mentions John Bloom, the Hoover tycoon who lost it all.

D — Loose bundle of Draft Chapters. Chapter 1 (47 pages), 2 (37 pages) and 3 (44 pages). Also chapter breakdown list. (See picture 10)

E — Folder, re: Nicky Byrne, etc., SELTAEB. Brian Epstein found the idea of merchandising unattractive. They all lost out hugely because plenty of people were waiting to pluck the Golden Goose! (as you will read!)

F — Klein Folder. NEMS era for the Fab Four.

1. Includes copy of Klein's evidence in court case. (46 pages)

2. Copy of 'Deed of Partnership' concerning all four Beatles forming 'The Beatles and Co.' - copy of the signatures of John, Paul, George and Ringo at end of deed. Copy of John's Affidavit in subsequent court case, 8/5/69.

3. Two copies of the transcript of the Allen Klein interview, mentioned in C.12.

4. Two background reports on Klein.

5. Copy of John Lennon's evidence statement, re: merchandising rights of all the Beatles and monies due to them in a case between NEMS, The Gramaphone Co. Ltd. and Apple Corps Lyd, 1969. (What a contrast with comments in various transcripts saying how John was so drawn to Klein - Paul McCartney never trusted him!

G — A Folder marked 'Beatles - S. Maltz' is an attempt by this accountant to detail to The Beatles their true financial position. There is a copy of a letter addressed to George Harrison, starting 'Dear John, Paul, George and Ringo'. It's a frank account of the danger of so much of their money being held in one large company. The letter is poignant really because in the last paragraph he truly hopes they can get all the millions due to them and "so richly deserved".

A very interesting copy of a balance sheet for Beatles Limited between 1963 and 1967.

Several other fascinating documents, re: the lack of proper accounts.

H — A folder with copy letters to Clive Epstein (Brian's brother), and Paul and John, re: writing the book. (See picture 12 for letter to Paul.)

Plus three note-books with original shorthand notes of all various aspects of Fielding's search for the truth about The Beatles empire.

I — Copy transcripts of the 11-day court case, held in the High Court in February and March 1971, brought by Paul when he sued the other Beatles and Apple for for money that was due to him - the culmination really of all the years of muddle and bitterness, leading to the break-up of the most famous band ever.

...Yeah. Just FYI, just because. *shrugs*

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