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Lots of Beatle-related News Yesterday at What Goes On

If the photos don't show, click WHAT GOES ON! to see them at the originating site. I think they've got some kind of block on them.

Take a virtual tour of Mendips
Lennon lived at Mendips, in Menlove Avenue, Woolton, with his Aunt Mimi from the age of five to 23. The semi-detached house was donated to the National Trust by his widow, Yoko Ono, and opened to the public this week. [more...]
Source:  BBC  
Lennon's widows determined to put the record straight
John Lennon's widows are preparing to go head to head over the former Beatle's life. Sources close to Cynthia Lennon say that she will be "honest" about Ono in her new book. In 2001, Ono helped to organise a two-hour tribute to Lennon in which the Beatles were not mentioned once. [more...]
Source:  The Telegraph, UK  
Sean Lennon
Stars line up for movie by Sean Lennon
Several stars are vying for roles in the independent movie written by Sean Lennon, which focuses on a pair of troubled boys raised in orphanages. Sean will portray one of the abandoned boys in the movie. [more...]
Source:  Contact Music  
Thursday, March 3, 2005
May Pang
May Pang says Yoko didn't get along with Julian
May Pang was interviewed on Tuesday on the Greg Kihn morning show on KFOX 98.5 in San Francisco and said Yoko didn't want Julian around because "Yoko just didn't get along with Julian". She also talked about how lyrics and songs came to John in his sleep. [more...]
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