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matisse_ep that was
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      ~ and besides, might
amuse others because
nobody agrees with me ~

as if I should care ~

Of course I realize that the entire 60's generation didn't totally turn their backs on The Beatles. You see 'em sprinkled all over the internet, people my age who are still Fabs-struck.
I'm merely speaking from personal experience, from what I see when I occasionally meet someone from my high school years: Mention the boys and you might see a little smile and twinkle in their eyes, but then... ...nothing. Back to the kids and shopping and cooking and reality shows jabber. *sigh*

According to Nat Weiss (his last BFF) Bri was indeed up and ready to start basking in the spotlight for himself, to swallow his shyness and step out from behind his boys. By mid-1967 he was a changed man. The "refusal to be in the spotlight himself and sort of living through them" was an early-60's mid-60's thing, and was supposed to come to an end. Unfortunately, HE came to an end days before it was to happen.

Brian's death was NOT as George banally remarked, "the end of a chapter" ~ it was, instead, as if the last chapter of a compelling book was brutally ripped out and lost forever.

It's thrilling that the younger generations are stepping up to the Fabs plate now and hitting home runs with the Beatlebat! You're right, Matisse, Brian would be pleased ~ but more than that, he would feel vindicated. Vindicated!

This ongoing, almost half-century's-worth of Beatlemania is what is so amazing to me. You never saw that longevity with the superstars of my mother's time ~ Glenn Miller, Benny Goodman, Tommy Dorsey, even Sinatra and Crosby never lasted long enough or on that high a level to keep the kind of acclaim in my teen days that the Beatles' legacy now enjoys with today's youngsters (as Ed Sullivan called us).

However, by now y'all should know me well enough to remember that if something or someone is heavily grooved-upon by the masses and the mobs, I'm turned off and I lose interest. It's all "balloon-boy" to me.

The Beatles were so mesmerizing, though, that I think I discovered and caught onto Brian by default! He was, in the public eye and by his own design, not completely "up there" with them ~ yet still totally up there with them ~ and, in my eyes, far above them. Just because he didn't play the music doesn't mean he wasn't twice as awesome. He was their backbone, their framework, and when he was gone, it only took 3 years for them to explode apart. They would have dissolved right away, but those 3 remaining years are an incredible proof that his influence was so strong and self-sustaining. They have given him a little credit here and there, but mostly they've always strutted about, forgetting that if not for Brian they would now be working in a Liverpool McDonald's or some such, or more likely, be sucking on the government tit (reality bites).

IMO. Yeah, In My Opinion. Don't crab at me, IMO, IMO, IMO.

I will never totally lose interest in the boys. I just can't sit there and watch Beatle, Beatle, Beatle. It's like watching and re-watching home movies of your brothers when they were kids. Been there, done that.

But Brian ~ never enough.

Anyhoo, why should anyone really care what the eppylover likes or thinks?
Not trying to convince anyone of anything, or change anyone's "fandom" (stupid word, heh) ~ except to somehow knock some sense in the Eppy-dissing wankers, and introduce the beauty of Brian to newbies.

I'm sure Brian KNEW his boys would be where they are today (I've read direct quotes from him that prove it) ... But I'm biased toward Brian rather than his boys, similar to the way his mother was ... and a mom can get very frustrated with her sons, like I get frustrated with Brian's boys ... however, that does not mean I don't love them ... but Brian is first and foremost. Sometimes I think I'm channelling Queenie. Hahaa

Ah, Matisse, but the Beatles are not "the only thing we have left of him." There's Henry, and I've seen several pics of him, and he's über-dishy (IMHO). Someday he might step out of the shadows, but *sigh* I think he's afflicted with that Epstein shyness syndrome. LOL

Anyway, I don't feel I'm being "harsh on the boys" as much as I'm just going through a phase these past couple of years.
Who knows what the future will bring ~ if indeed I've got a future. More and more I've been doubting that.
I'm getting tired. :(

It amuses me to realize that if I ever got a chance to sit down with Paul or Ringo, I wouldn't really be very impressed with it all ~ except for the fact that they knew Brian as well as they did.

Crazy, crazy eppylover. Don't mind her. ani rolleyes smiley

If I had any brains at all, I would be using all this time to list more Beatles items to sell, like these new ones.

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