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"All Power To The Slashers!" says Simon Pegg!

...Well, at least the star of Shaun of the Dead isn't bothered by slash.

Rather amused, actually, to be "paired" with his good friend and director, Edgar Wright:
simonpegg RT (re-tweeting) @edgarwright: You want HOT FUZZ slash fiction? You got HOT FUZZ slash fiction. Enjoy. I don't know how to feel.

simonpegg All power to the slashers I say. I'm deeply flattered that anyone would take mine and @edgarwright's balls and run with them.

edgarwright I too am deeply flattered by the slashers. I say all power to handstitched homoerotica.
in reply to simonpegg


BTW, I think Simon Pegg would make a fine Peter Brown in The Fifth Beatle movie.

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