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Barack and the Nobel

For what it's worth, I really like our current prez ~ but I'm not one of those rabid Obama-ites myself ~ in that I'm always intuitively wary of anyone who is thrust upon a pedestal and worshipped by mobs ~ John Lennon and and the mythical Jesus Christ included ~ but I truly am AMUSED by Barack for what he is for sure: a highly intelligent and articulate Rock Star. BTW, Bush highly amused me, too, but for the opposite reason; i.e., the "duh" factor... in fact, Dubya was Stephy's fave (inadvertent) comedian, and she misses him in the same way comics miss him ~ bye-bye to material for their standup routines! :)

Anywho, this is what I gathered (reading between the lines) from one of the Norwegian Nobel committee spokesman's announcements: the "prize" wasn't so much given for any actual accomplishments per se ~ it was instead meant to encourage Barack to follow through with all the "hope" and "change" and "yes we can" rhetoric he flung about and people gobbled up. It was also supposed to be an affirmation that the world community approves of and is excited by him ~ so far, that is. I "hope" that this particular awarding of the Nobel (what I think of as an incentive, not a reward) proves effective somehow in expediting this "change" we've all been promised.

Barack was gracious and humble as he spoke, but I saw in his face that he wasn't too happy with the Nobel, and I can understand why. If I were in his shoes, between the proverbial rock and hard place, I'd be beating my head against my bed's headboard all night with frustration. And now this additional pressure of an award he feels he hasn't come close to deserving yet. Oy! Visions of getting shlogn mit kreplach by Fox News must have flooded his brain.

Y'know, even if Barack fails to follow through, or (worst case scenario) is scamming the world, at least he fired up the population to start thinking and doing SOMETHING. A big change from the paranoia and apathy of the Cheney years. Oops, did I say Cheney? I meant Bush. Or maybe not.

The below entry from one of Stephy's fave sites, Failblog, is cute.
It also illustrates the popular misconception that the Nobel must be "earned" somehow...

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