christine~ (eppylover) wrote,

Cutting the apron strings on my memorabilia

Vintage Beatles button badges

Unloading me vintage Beatles goods ~

Keep checking this list daily

More to come. Bye-bye memories!

Hopefully these can go to Beatle fan flisters who will truly appreciate them, and not just to dealers... ...although my first bid is from a big-time dealer. *shrug*

Selling many of my vintage Beatles memorabilia and collectibles.
At this point, I'm just grabbing and listing what I can find offhand in my old saved stuff.

See pictures for condition ~
~ some scratches, dulling, and a bit of back rust on the large ones as might be expected from such old items.
The smaller ones are in much better shape.

  • The "I Love Paul" button was bought at the Aug 13, 1966 Beatles concert we attended in Detroit
    Here's an old post all about it

  • The one with the hair is amusing ~ the face changes when viewed from different angles (see pictures).

  • Got the John Lennon Peace Forest button at 1983 Beatlefest
    when I donated to plant a tree for John in Israel,
    in remembrance of Brian Epstein

  • The only one that's probably not an original original is the Sgt Pepper button ~ but I'm throwing that in anyway.


Vintage Beatles button badges   Vintage Beatles button badges   Backs of vintage Beatles button badges

The next to be listed, probably tomorrow:
Authentic vintage Beatle cards
and partly-used Yellow Sub watercolor paint set ~
~ aw shame on 15-year-old Christine!
Misc Beatles trading/bubblegum cards & used Yellow Submarine watercolor set Misc Beatles trading/bubblegum cards & used Yellow Submarine watercolor set

Yeah, it was incredible. The drugs, the sex, the all-night parties. I really miss that Shining Time Station.
    – Ringo

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