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Shabbat Shmooze ~ Feb of 64: effect of Beatlemania on America's right wing antisemites

The Beatles' first appearance on Ed Sullivan was February 9, 1964, and I well remember it.

I also remember how the grownups frickin' FREAKED.

There were a lot of these idiots in my community then...

I daresay they're still around, but they keep to their churches now.

This ridiculous writeup is copied exactly as-is ~
  ~ misspellings, grammatical errors, and all:

The Rockwell Report

Vol. 3 No. 9 February 15, 1964

The “BEATLES”;--A GLASS EGG to fill a Jew-created VACUUM!

When I was a kid, they use to put phony, glass eggs under hens to give them “ideas.”

Now the liberals and Jews are doing the same thing to our kids to give them BAD ideas.

As I write this, the “Beatles” have arrived. Our teenagers are mobbing them with hero worship.

Most intelligent people look on with horror and disgust. That’s one thing wrong with intelligent people. The reason for the kids’ wild carrying on is their need for heroes.

But there is a reason for the wild carrying on of the kids. The Jews know what it is, and very brilliantly cater to it. Our few, non-Jewish leaders have no idea what it is, and leave a huge vacuum in the lives of our teenagers.

That vacuum is the need for heroes.

Kids’ need “heroes”. They must have them to grow emotionally and spiritually.

The heroes used to be Sam Houston, Daniel Boone, Tom Mix, Gen. MacArthur, etc.

But the Jews want our people EMASCULATED, weak, feeble AND COW-LIKE.

So they have tried to make us ashamed of “violence”, gun fighters, war heroes, etc.

Instead of these eternal hero-types for all kids in all times, the Jews have set up Ralph Bunche, Sammy Davis, Jr., Lenny Bruce, etc., as our “heroes”.

But these gents don’t have the emotional wallop to reach the kids.

So the Jews promote more and more pansified SINGERS and HIP-WRIGGLERS for the kids’ to worship. And it works with millions and millions of helpless little kids.

But not always! In every high school in America, there are “cells” of kids who still worship TOUGHNESS, STRENGTH, GUTS, MANLINESS, and real HEROISM! Most are too scarred of their good instincts to dare to write to us. But enough kids do write to us, so I know they are out there, MILLIONS of them. They write for armbands, pamphlets, and books on NAZIS. Like White Men for centuries, they worship STRENGTH, GUTS and HEROISM--not niggers and pawn shop Jews. When “caught” with what is perfectly legal in this supposedly “free” America (this nazi stuff), they are hit with everything in the book and get out of it. But they are STILL there, millions of them.
Kids need HEROES. When you deflate real heroes and punish the kids for worshiping them, the hero worship turns to anything else it can find. There is a vacuum. So the Jews fill the vacuum with the “Beatles”--or “Chubby Checkers”.

That’s why our kids grovel at the feet of scum.

Until next time, a big shalom from the christine ~
Still happily groveling at the feet of scum
ani tip hat smiley

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