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Spametry et cetera

Today, eppylover the eternally surfin' searchin' web-toad found a poetry contest on J-Walk Blog ... but the catch was, you had to use the actual subject lines from your spam emails!

The winning entry was totally spamtastic, and it even rhymes! Well, I do have a warped sense of humous:


Matthew, you have a card from Denise!
Is d.e.b.t. bringing you to your knees?
Take a look at GRants
your pen15 enh4nc3d
meet s.x.y. woemn no fees

$20 for 600 human growth hormone
listen to Laura moan
tidy your debts
lose weight through sweat
500 minutes and free mobile phone

Kill all your SPAM
she got big baps daymn!
RE: Joolie will let you shag her
make big bucks in ham

eBay Security Measures:Verify your identity
pert yung b00bs (all under twenty)
find the perfect stocking filler
SARS! The holiday killer!
Christmas gift ideas aplenty

Request for urgent business relationship
buy intels latest chips
cut price books
improve your looks
cut price replacement hips

Also, my daughter Steph, 15, has always, I mean always, wanted to be on the creative side of videogame design and development. I found a blog entry that ... depending upon what transpires with the industry, and depending upon how you look at the situation ... gives her either great hope or utter discouragement.


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