christine~ (eppylover) wrote,

Sunday Sermon ~!

Many years ago (well, a decade, at least),
when I first discovered the browser's address box
and what one could do with it,
I would type in a "www"

          ...then anything,

          ...then a ".com" ...

Just for shites & giggles, I did.

One of the first words I used was "stupid" ~
~ therefore, the URL I typed in became

What appeared then became, off and on, one of my very fave sites. I even ordered a few things from ~ with delightful results!

The founder of the company ("Mr. Stupid himself") is Gary Apple, who is also a comedy writer of (all flops) sitcoms ~ he even wrote one episode of (the series that was NOT a flop) The Simpsons ~ which he frequently makes sure nobody forgets. LOL

I tell you that to show you this Sunday Sermon -oriented link: JEEZ!

Hey. You KNOW you want to look at more stuff there.

Oh oh oh.... almost forgot to tell you what brought this all on, hahaa!

A few days ago, your esteemed eppylover won a prize on Twitter from StupidFanClub, and will soon receive, from Mr. Stupid himself, the rare and exotic CUPCAKE DENTAL FLOSS.
Jealous much, eppylover fans? ani laughing smiley

(p.s. If you DO order from, I wonder if anything will happen if you mention you were referred by eppylover?)

Tags: sunday sermon, wtf

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