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What Goes On? Bit 'o Beatley news

By the same guy who created and maintains the official for Martin Lewis ~ the Beatles expert mentioned in my last post

09/09/09 could be a Beatles perfect storm
What is it with the Beatles and nines? In addition to 09/09/09 being the launch of Beatles: Rock Band, on that same day, the Beatles will release their entire catalog, digitally re-mastered for the first time. At the same time, there are rumors of an all-music-related Apple event around some unknown product announcement on September 9.
"Some unknown product" hmmm...?
Usually somewhat disinterested these days in non-Brian Beatles projects and items,
Eppylover's curiosity has nevertheless been peaked a bit.

Robert Zemeckis to digitally put the Beatles in new Yellow Submarine
Variety is reporting that Robert Zemeckis is brokering a deal with Disney and Apple to remake Yellow Submarine with 3D motion capture technology, and that Disney is working on "a complicated rights deal" that would clear 16 Beatles tunes for use in the film. Zemeckis made the Beatles-related film I Wanna Hold Your Hand in 1978.
Colour me amused.
Wonder if Mr Z will follow the original cartoon strictly,
or be brave enough to add his own touches ...
...such as a motion-capture Eppy? How possible could that be?
As I usually say, though, Eppylover is not holding her breath.
Click right on over to for all of the details.

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