christine~ (eppylover) wrote,

World's Worst

The usual diss is "bad businessman." ~ but *groan* this one just takes the babka.

I know, I know ~ the more fame, the more haters.
Even so, it still hurts when some clueless jerk mouths off.

From this thread on, the official Opie & Anthony message board

For your eppylover, this was just a periodic case of Last Straw syndrome ~ there were several other similar Brian belittlings on other forums, newsgroups, blogs, book reviews, etc. since the last blast of the christine.

And again, I know, I know ... this Opie & Anthony forum is a home of the snarky.
This may have been an emoticon-less attempt at funny.
Or he may have meant to be cruel, or he may have simply been ignorantly parroting the myth.
Suffice it to say, most of the posts on that forum are written without the requisite cleverness to justify badmouthing as satire.

Okay, I can go "feh" and let it pass ~ except the great portion of the general public who are not "in the groove" will still suck up the misinformation. Like I said, this is one of those periodic ranties after letting a number of other diss-entary remarks pass by without comment.

The trickle-down effect of these misunderstandings about our Eppy is why we all still have to occasionally counter the downer crap with the upper reality.
So to speak. Hahaa.

dot. dot. dot.

So. Now. Rebuttal time, from an expert on Brian:

The (erroneous) conventional wisdom about Brian Epstein
is that for all his promotional talents and honesty -
he was a poor businessman for the Beatles.

This judgment is based just on one 1964 agreement
whereby a poorly-advised Epstein was ripped off by sharks
in the brand-new, completely uncharted waters of mass merchandising.

It effectively discounts all the other superlative work
that Epstein undertook for the Beatles.

It also ignores his persistence in getting the Beatles to agree
to “Yellow Submarine.” That persistence over 30 years ago will
gross the Beatles hundreds of millions of dollars this year alone.

Not a bad legacy for the man who was supposedly a bad businessman.

Martin Lewis, September 1, 1999

Tags: brian epstein, business, disrespect, forums, jewish

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