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Jeeez, Louise! D:

Okay. I can understand why somebody who loves George might have a soft spot in their hearts for, or be impressed by, his sister Louise.

However, I have always been über-annoyed with that woman because of her poor attitude toward our Brian.

So ... now presenting another tiresome chapter of "things that are pissing off the eppylover"

George's sister Louise
"She was living in the Midwestern U.S. when the band first broke big in England and Europe, and she used to write letters to band manager Brian Epstein, keeping him updated on opportunities in the American music scene that she had researched in trade magazines such as Billboard and Cashbox.

'Because, let's face it, poor old Brian didn't really know anything,' she said. 'He'd just been put in charge of the record department of his dad's store in order to give him something to do, you know, because he wasn't really too smart. He kind of accidentally fell into that whole thing.'

But when Ed Sullivan called him, Epstein was smart enough to take the call, since Louise had mentioned the impresario's name numerous times in her letters. And when the Beatles landed in the U.S. on Feb. 7, 1964, to do Sullivan's show, Louise was there to greet them, meeting John, Paul and Ringo for the first time."
I see.
"Poor old Brian" "didn't really know anything" and "wasn't really too smart" and "kind of accidentally fell into that whole thing"...


How effing pretentious can somebody be? Louise actually has the insane chutzpah to infer that if SHE had not mentioned Ed Sullivan "numerous times in her letters," that Brian would never have taken Sullivan's first call.

Bullshite! Brian was surrounded daily by many, much more important people advising him about Ed Sullivan, not the least of whom was Sid Bernstein himself.

So ~~ Epstein was "smart enough to take the call" BECAUSE Louise had mentioned Sullivan's name numerous times in her letters? What a fookin' joke.

Another article where Louise makes the questionable claim:
"Brian said he hardly took any of the calls asking The Beatles to perform,
but because I had told him about Ed Sullivan he decided to take his call."

ThaiIndian News ~ April 9, 2009

Somebody does sound "not really too smart" here for sure ~
  ~ and it certainly isn't Brian Epstein.

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