christine~ (eppylover) wrote,

More TwittySh*t ~ some of it fascinates me

Twitter Poop
Somebody please tell me why a few otherwise intelligent people tweet every time they fart?

Heh heh

Ah well. *sigh* *shakes head* I still love 'em for who they are.
But yikes, why do they do that? Overandoverandoveragain down my page.

Don't get me wrong, I would never wish to lose them as flisters ~
~ I mean friends ~
~ oh, sorry, I mean "following/followers" LOL

Ah hell, just count this as another crabbyrant.

Even Eddie Izzard.
He jogs around London and keeps tweeting his present location.
Is he being snarky or ironic, or does he seriously think people appreciate this?
Hahahaaa I love it.

The lame-leaning proclivities of cool people do amuse me so.

Tags: eddie izzard, flisters, twitter

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