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Oh bitch, you wary...

Something Kleiny for those not on my flist, since the last post was flocked for strong wording.
Friend me to see those type posts...unless you're easily offended. ani rolleyes smiley

Klein was estranged from his wife Betty.
This was taken at the 2002 Rock & Roll
Hall of Fame thing with with his
longtime girlfriend Iris.
The Bob Gruen caption for this photo
lists Iris as his wife. *LOL*

Allen Klein and Iris Keitel
He was convinced he could land the biggest pop act in the world, and had been eyeing up the Beatles since they conquered America in 1964.

During their first US tour he had managed to wangle a meeting with their manager, the fastidious Brian Epstein, who disliked Klein on sight...

On our Fifth Beatle Movie Discussion Board is a cut/paste of a George Harrison article from 1993. Its author Paul Cashmere reprinted the piece in with a new July 5, 2009 preface.
Feel free to read the whole thing on the forum, and leave any comments if desired. We'd love 'em.

Here are my fave paragraphs from the Cashmere/Harrison thingy:

George Harrison on Allen Klein
"The thing that really disappointments me is when you have a relationship with one person and they turn out to betray you. Because the story of My Sweet Lord is based on this fellow, Allen Klein, who managed the Beatles from about 1968 or '69, through until 1973.

"When they issued a complaint about My Sweet Lord, he was my business manager. He was the one who put out My Sweet Lord and collected 20% commission on the record. And he was the one who got the lawyers to defend me, and did an interview in Playboy where he talked about how the song was nothing like the other song.

"Later, when the judge in court told me to settle with them, because he didn't think I consciously stolen their song, they were doing a settlement deal with me when they suddenly stopped the settlement.

"Some time elapsed, and I found out that this guy Klein had gone around the back door. In the meantime, we'd fired him. He went round the back door and bought the rights to the one song He's So Fine in order to continue a lawsuit against me.

"He, one one hand, was defending me, then he switches sides and continued the lawsuit. And every time the judge would say what the result was, he'd appeal. And he kept appealing and appealing until it reached the Supreme Court.

"I mean this thing kept went on for 16 years or something . . . 18 years. And finally, it's all over with, and the result of it is I own My Sweet Lord and I now own He's So Fine, and Allen Klein owes me like three or four hundred thousand dollars 'cause he took all the money on both songs. It's really a joke. It's a total joke."

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