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Paul Sann, Sept '64: Brian's Description of His Rapport With His Boys, etc.

Excerpt from Paul Sann's
"Reporting Culture"series,
New York Post September 14-20, 1964

P.Sann: Neither the Beatle sound nor the Beatle look figured to appeal to Epstein, who had attended the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts and who really wanted to be a dress designer before finding himself mired down at 26 in the family business, but--

B.Epstein:"They were dead scruffly and untidy in those days and actually it was an environment I wasn't used to, because I was always more interested in classical music, but I liked them enormously. I sensed that something was happening, something terribly exciting . . . there was this amazing communication with the audience and this absolutely marvelous humor. There was something about it that was totally of today. I knew they could be one of the biggest theater attractions in the world ...

"Everything about the Beatles was right for me. They represented the direct uninhibited relationship which I had never felt and felt deprived of. And my own sense of inferiority and frustration vanished because I knew I could help them and they wanted me to and trusted me to."

* * *

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Another interesting bit on the Ringo page ...
There are, of course, some things Ringo is not happy about ... American women. "They have too much to say here," he says. "They boss a man around. I'll have no woman bossing me around." Ringo has a girl back home, a fetching 17-year-old hairdresser (no joke) named Maureen Cox, but she may be giving too many orders, too. Ringo says she is not his bride-to-be, just his secretary-to-be.

* * *

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To proceed to each following installment, click on the "more..." at the bottom of each page.</font>

Paul Sann Journalism, Letters, Writings</font>

Well, well ... Mr Sann and I were both born on March 7.


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