christine~ (eppylover) wrote,

Quadruple Obit cartoon by Matt Bors

god greets Ed McMahon, Farrah, Jacko & Billy Mays!

I know, I know... two posts in one day.
*whaaaa* *faint*
Don't get used to it, folks. ani rolleyes smiley

Well, it's a fluke that I turned on the computer twice today,
but... if I hadn't shared this 'toon I would totally burst.

06/30 EDIT:

Kovalic (of Dork Tower) has left a new comment on
the blog where the above cartoon is published:

          "Good lord, who knew Matt was so ahead of his time?"

Don'tcha love how cartoonists all get on the same wavelength at times!
I still like Matt's the best! LOL

Tags: deaths, humor, michael jackson, religion

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