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Hey! Checking in for just a sec

It just occurred to me that there probably are quite a few of my pictures in old posts/comments that don't appear anymore since we moved to the apartment and switched from Comcast to AT&T U-Verse.

Yes, it seems we lost many images which were saved to and linked from my old Comcast account, which now appear as naked in the posts.

Since I've been told by more than a few people that they enjoy drilling back into my archives for information and entertainment, this makes me a little bit sad.

Let this be a clue to everyone else ~ if you want your images to always show up, don't save to and link from your internet provider's server! Because you never know if you will have to change ISPs.

I don't think I would EVER use Comcast again, for anything.
Because ~~~ U-verse rocks sooo hard! ♥
Here's a random customer review I found that agrees with me

It was a difficult decision, because I am an AT&T landline phone hater from way back. However, the U-verse part is proving to be totally different, almost as if it's a separate company altogether.

Started using it in February, and... gawd! We still love it.

Anywho, to get back to the original thought, if I ever get the time and inclination again, I've gotta find and repair whatever photos have been lost to Comcast. There are probably scads of them, starting with my old MrBrianEpstein community posts of 2004-2005.



As always, The Onion spares not the news media, TV closed-caption writers who cannot spell the simplest words, fat Americans (christine raises her hand), the unemployed (christine raises her other hand); not even Obama's belief that the American people are actually worth more than a piddle of shite! (christine raises middle finger and hoots)


Sorry I haven't been around.
Been very, very mixed-up lately.

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