christine~ (eppylover) wrote,

*eppylover smiles tolerantly, shakes head, rolls eyes*

RE: THIS recent beatlepics post!

Oh Van Donovan.
You are SO Van Donovan!

I actually didn't see this post until about 5 this morning.....
....I'm simply not online as much as I used to be,
and don't even check in at beatlepics anymore.

In fact, I would never have seen this if I hadn't gotten a Google Email Alert as follows:
date         Mon, Apr 6, 2009 at 8:46 PM
subject     Google Alert - "brian epstein"
mailing list <>

=== Google Blogs Alert for: "brian epstein" ===

How many falling stars does it take to wake a nation? - Fab five....
By jackdawsonsgrl
jackdawsonsgrl. 03 April 2009 @ 10:59 pm. Fab five.... I was inspired by a
post over at [info] beatlepics who posted a video of The Beatles dancing
with Brian Epstein. I decided to make own, and include, Dhani ♥ ...
So, instead of looking at jackdawsonsgrl's LJ for the Dhani spoof, I scrolled through the latest beatlepics, and found the Brian one. Oh Van.

Y'know, whenever I see anything Eppy-related, the first thing that goes through my mind is
What would Brian himself think?
I always kinda automatically put myself into his head.

*head spins*
In this case, I have NO earthly idea! None! Nada! Bupkes!

I am at a f*ing loss!!! ani googly eyes smiley

Hmmm... I can only imagine whether our publicly proper Mr Epstein would be amused or embarrassed or angry or bewildered or disgusted or, like most of us (excepting the disoriented eppylover), just plain ROFL-ing?
We do know that nobody could predict just WHAT he would take as a personal affront.
By the same token, he would often surprise you by joining in and being highly amused by a joke against himself.

Approving or disapproving? ~
  ~ Guess it would all depend on what mood he was in,
who else was in the room,
ohhh of course...
what substances he was ON at that time!
ani rolleyes smiley

As for the eppylover ~

Personally, a hairless chest on a male kinda creeps me out just a tiny bit ~
  eh, just a personal thing with me.
Y'all already know I'm weird.

Hmph. Brian had hair on HIS chest.

How much you wanna bet if he were living NOW, he'd be waxing?
LOL. You KNOW he would!

BTW, the comment by stulover80 made me chuckle. Obviously doesn't know me too well, bless her heart!

Seriously? Since I'm pretty much asexual and don't get turned on by bodies
(although personalities, humor, attitudes, etc. can drive me crazy with attraction)
(and Jewishness enhances doesn't hurt a bit ~ *cringe* ~ how very shallow of me)

  ~ this silly vid just made ME go "ohhhkayyy...does not compute..."

One of the things that I've always found endearing about Brian was his NON-buffness. Physically a bit comfortably pudgy.
And please forgive me, but I've never been attracted to John at all, although I suppose I could have made friends with him ~ if HE were so inclined.
Strangely enough (or maybe not) my bestest friends have usually been Lennon fanatics, though.

In conclusion:
Noogies all around, and a hearty *smack* with a rolled-up newspaper to y'all for this one! LOL

Tags: beatles, brian epstein, caricatures, humor, videos

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