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Sunday Sermon ~ Vatican insults Lennon


Your computer-disabled eppylover is taking one moment at Niece Kelly's house to drop a little rant on y'all, and call it a Sunday Sermon. LOL. Sadly, I still can't read my emails or LJ comments or access other sites, but the following item has pissed me off enough to take the niece's computer away for a few minutes.

The issue is about the comments in this BeatlePics post saying ~~ "isn't this a bit late? lol" etc ~~ don't these people realize that the vatican FORGIVING John is a snarky INSULT? Whether or not it was an intentional insult, that's exactly what it comes down to.

All John was saying was that it's ironic (and maybe a shame) that a frickin' rock band was more popular (drew more attention, was idolized more) than jesus, who is supposed to be the son of their god and all that. And he added that what this observation foretold to him, and made him believe, was that religion itself would disappear sooner or later.

John had tossed off that little statement in an obscure British interview, and had since forgotten it ~ but Datebook Magazine in the U.S. picked it up and printed it. From there, a couple of southern deejays happened across it, and used it as a promo to stir up people, simply to pimp their station ~ and to their surprise and pleasure, it caught fire and blew up all out of proportion. America ran all over John and the boys, and poor Brian was pulled out of a sickbed to fly across the pond and battle this worthless insanity.

If you want to hear an extremely rare sound bite about it, Johnny Carson interviewing Brian on The Tonight Show in August 1966, please go HERE and click the little red arrow thingy there ... and what Larry Blyden says at the end, well, he says it all.

To fundamentalists, any objective, rational observation is threatening ~ it gravely undermines their brainwashing efforts, so they have a kneejerk defensive reaction. Consequently, they succeeded in turning John's little remark around to sound like a diss.

So now in 2008, in the wake of Israel's apology to Brian's boys for snubbing them in the 60s ~ the vatican, instead of issuing an much-overdue apology to Lennon for the hurtful brou-ha-ha, on behalf of all Christian religions (because historically Catholicism came first, and all others are offshoots) ~ instead, his holiness & company decided to belittle his memory by pompously "forgiving" him.
eppylover says:
Hey pope man! ~this is the way it is ~
if someone ran you over with a car,
should the driver be forgiving you?
And then to top it off, the vatican smears a load of insincere gratuitous bullshit flattery in Lennon's general direction ~ i.e., how wonderful The Beatles were. Oh goodie. That makes everything all better, doesn't it?

If you know John Lennon, you KNOW he would consider the vatican's "forgiveness" ~ and their shallow and meaningless flattery of his band ~ to be a slap in the face.

Rant over. Going back to my computerless home now.

BTW, I would appreciate anyone who is on the Fifth Beatle forum to kind of cover for me if they can ~ I don't have a chance to get to anything but this little post here.

Signing off now ~ lotsa love to everyone, hope to be able to read and respond to y'all before year's end.

Tags: disrespect, john lennon, religion, sunday sermon

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