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Nazis, Who, Beach Boys, and Batman's boners!!!

Nazi Germany's official position regarding jazz music, circa 1938 [adamkempa]
This is not a fake. 

The Who / Beach Boys Mash-Ups [adamkempa]
Not anywhere near as cool as the Revolved music mashes ... But here's a link just in case you wanna hear it anyway.

And the OMFG award goes to:
The Boners of Batman! 
With all the talk about the Batpole and the Batcave, I'm not surprised to see Batman discussing boners with the Boy Wonder. But The Joker?
Remember when the word "boner" meant a stupid mistake? Authentic original frames of old Batman comics give the old term a brand new lease on life! (It took me a long time to read these few  panels because I had to keep wiping my eyes. And my stomach hurts now. Damn!)



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