christine~ (eppylover) wrote,

I'm still alive, but 'net-less. ~as opposed to Og being nutless.

I am taking one minute here on my niece's computer to say hey.

I don't have internet anymore at home, and have absolutely no time here to check in/read any comments/posts/sites/emails whatsoever ~ in case anyone was wondering why they haven't been hearing from me!

Hopefully the situation should change sometime in December, whenever we MIGHT be able to afford internet and TV in the new apartment.

Still haven't gotten that cell phone, either.
Because we need the settlement $ to do that ~ from what the lawyer says, it will probably be another week or two (it's being dispensed to me via something called a "QDRO" <=yes, you might find that link quite interesting ~ and the QDRO agreement has to be signed by the judge again *sigh*).

Till later then....

Tags: personal

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