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Behind the cut is my reply to this comment by nemperor ~
  ~ it ended up morphing into a (long) post, because my feeble mind began to race:

Well, I wouldn't know who or what that West Wing show is (although I've heard the name before), because I tend to be approx. 20 years behind when it comes to most sitcoms.

At this point in time, my usual daily fare consists of The Daily Show, Colbert Report, sometimes Family Guy et al, late night talk shows ~ popping the channels back & forth before I go to sleep. The only "serious" or "drama" stuff I'll look at are the occasional CourtTV ~ I mean, oops, TRU-TV things like Forensic Files ~ thank Stephy for getting me into that. She took a class on Forensics in high school.

Guilty pleasure: sometimes looking at Deal or No Deal and Howie Mandel...damn, he was so dishy when he had hair, though ~ the bald head and the thing on his chin annoys me. LOL Whatever happened to you, Howie baby? Basically Deal Or No Deal is on while I'm doing other things and simply waiting for The View to come on.

Yeah, yeah *resigned sigh* in the past few weeks I have become a bit interested in The View. I'm amused by their occasional chicken-squawking, hahaa. I like to turn the volume up on the bedroom TV while working in other rooms of the house ~ can't understand a word they're saying, but it sounds like a cage full of hens in my bedroom! Hilarious. The eppylover sense of humous is truly ludicrous, nu?

Actually... I must admit I think I'm a little bit gay for Whoopie Goldberg♥. XD My kinda woman!

Just last year I STARTED watching reruns of a few shows from the 80s, and a little bit of Seinfeld ... although for obvious reasons, I keep WANTING to peek in on shows like The Office and 30 Rock ~ but cannot bring myself to do it ~ always find something else to do. Hmm. Must mean something? I dunno. LOL

Maybe ever since trash TV has raised its ugly head ~ "reality shows," "competition shows" and the tabloid talk shows ~ I have rejected standard TV fare. As for fantasy-type programs and the like, the only one I can stomach ~ sometimes ~ are old reruns of Star Trek (original) ~ probably because it's such a part of my teenhood (never missed it first-run) and I've always seen it as über-kitsch, not morality plays as some people do or anything important or substantial.

Jonathan (head of development/production at TEG, associate producer of The Fifth Beatle movie, and my main contact for the forum) got me into watching quite a bit of Arrested Development on Hulu a couple of months ago (his favorite show of all time, and it's priceless! I'm into the 3rd season now, but my viewing is at a standstill for obvious reasons) ~ and I think that was the most recent sitcom I've been exposed to (to any great extent).

Now that nemperor has told me about this Josh Lyman, however, I must check out an episode of this West Wing show ~ if I can find it on Hulu or YouTube. And if I can find the time. :)


One thing I meant to post on November 5 ~ on that morning after the election, I woke up dreaming there was a news report that Demond Wilson had died ~ you know, Lamont on Sanford & Son ~ weird, huh?

If my subconscious was telling me anything there, it might have been the message that those days are truly gone now ~ Sanford, Good Times, The Jeffersons, etc. As progressive as those shows were at the time, and actually shocking to see African-Americans starring in their own TV series (back then known as "black people" by the younger or hip people, and "Negroes" or "coloreds" by the well-meaning grownups ~ no, don't arsk what the more commonly-used terms were ;) the dream possibly was telling me that I was finally becoming totally aware of the fact that those shows are now really behind-the-times and obsolete! besides the fact I still enjoy watching them for the actors and the memories.

Hell, even earlier than those shows, it was a shock to see Bill Cosby as the co-star of I Spy and Diahann Carroll actually starring in Julia (in an interview, Diahann said the show ended after 2½ years because she had grown tired of the controversy surrounding the show and asked to be let out of her television contract).

And now with a black president on the way (actually, Ambassador Andrew Young insists that Barack is NOT African-American, he is MULTIRACIAL-American!) to me this year has been feeling more and more like living on Mars.

*grin* life on Mars is good.


Now Stephy & I are off & running again.
I'm surprised I've found time to post this!

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