christine~ (eppylover) wrote,

My kind of politicomics

A coupla little funnies for my last full day of being a Mrs.

I told Daughter of Doom that when we get our settlement we're going to Red Lobster for that lobster dinner with all the trimmings that she's been madly craving for over 10 years!

So far I've got no word on when it's coming. If it's not in my bank by Wednesday we lose the deal on our apartment. Og is VERY reluctant about the money, as you can well imagine. While he buys himself whatever he wants during his workdays, and his churchies have been treating him to big home-cooked meals (and prayer meetings/"study"), Stephy and I have been soooo enjoying our daily ramen and coffee... and whatever nice handouts the relatives give us ~ we've been trying not to bother the relatives so much. However, Og has been manipulating gross sympathy and leeching off his jeezus freeks almost every night!

Tags: comics, personal, politics

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