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Okay. I'm on here for a sec
because I need some help/advice.

I would arsk the people at the various cellphone companies, but from my experience they are all trained salesmen and tend to LIE only tell you what will make you buy THEIR product. Buggers.

Very soon, I am going to need a cell phone. We probably won't have TV or internet until we have jobs ~ which we have decided will be AFTER we have nicely settled in our apartment (hopefully by the end of November). But a cell phone is imperative asap.

I would love to compare plans from all the companies, but google as I may, I cannot come up with a comparison chart anywhere. If any of you know of one or more, pretty please give me a link!

So, basically, what I need is:

1. Unlimited area ~~ same rate for anywhere in the U.S. I know that is possible at a cheap monthly rate because I have a couple of flisters who have a plan like that. This is important to me because most of the loveliest people I know now, the people I would most like to shmooze with occasionally, are living in distant areas of the country.

2. Unlimited minutes ~~ I don't want to have to count them if I'm talking to a flister in California or Texas or New York, and we're going on and on ~ which isn't common because, being insanely and anally phone-phobic, I hate, hate, hate to talk on the phone ~ but, if it does happen, I don't want to be worried about being able to pay for it. Because I won't be able to. One small flat rate per month, please!

I do not need any toys or texting or music or internet or photography or anything except these two things at the lowest price possible.

Bear in mind I know NOTHING about cell phones.

So, do you still have to pay if someone calls YOU, or does that depend upon the company/plan?

Do you always have to sign up for a longterm agreement, or does that also depend upon the company/plan? Because if we do end up with enough money coming in (yeah, right) I don't want to be stuck with what we've got for a long stretch of time. It may be necessary, though.

Please? Any suggestions?

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