christine~ (eppylover) wrote,

Christine's Life ~ Weekend Update for those NOT on my friends list

Forgive me if I don't post or comment for awhile.

If you want to read the full version of this post, which I did this morning, you've gotta be on my LiveJournal friends list. Everyone is welcome to add themselves (except, of course, for spammers, flamers and trolls).

As my first flister van knows, it has been a long, strange journey since September of 2004. Let's hope we don't end up falling into a big hole. (Take that metaphor in any sense you wish!)

Anyway, as each day passes, the computer will be accessed less and less (hopefully), until we are firmly ensconced in our new abode.

My daily priority will be to momentarily check on the forum to ensure it hasn't been spammed or anything. I doubt if I can take the time to reply to people on the forum, much less post ~ at least keep SOMETHING going there, so the place doesn't look dead! That's very important.

Hopefully a few of you can also make random daily posts on the Fifth Beatle movie forum. I don't care if the posts are lame ~ we need to keep a little bit of action happening so it doesn't look stagnant.

So ~ see y'all when I can! :)

The Fifth Beatle Movie Forum

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