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Shabbat Shooze ~ A fascinating story of Jewish coincidence

I adore this type of irony!
Almost an O.Henry-ending here, folks!

A story a Rabbi told me last Shabbat

Last Friday was the first night I went to Shabbat services and dinner at my new University. I introduced myself to the Rabbi, and when we got to talking, he told me the story of a woman who wanted to convert to Judaism. I guess she was Spanish or Portuguese, and liked the religion. She was not raised in any particular faith. So the Rabbi took her to his house for Shabbat. When his wife started to light the candles and say the Hebrew prayers, the woman screamed and fainted. I asked him to repeat that because I didn't really believe it.

Then, when she came to, everyone was very concerned and asked her what was wrong. Apparently when she was a little girl, her grandmother would perform the same ceremony in the basement of her house. Her grandmother told her it had to be hidden because it was to banish the house from demons or evil spirits or something like that. So when she saw the same exact ceremony being performed out in the open, she thought there were demons in the house!

The Rabbi then explained to her that this was a Jewish ceremony that is performed every Sabbath, and that its purpose was to praise G-d and had nothing to do with evil spirits. So if her grandmother was performing it, they suspected she might be Jewish as well!

After doing some research, they discovered that her grandmother was in fact Jewish and she was hiding it to escape antisemitism she had experienced all her life.

So in the end, the woman did not have to convert because she was already Jewish.
        ~ From { THIS POST } in the wonderful weirdjews Community

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